In Libya: Neither NATO nor Kaddafi

Opposition to NATO military intervention, zero support for Kaddafi’s despotic regime

by Narciso Isa Conde, Coordinator, Movimiento Caamañista (MC)
Translated by Justicia Global

The Kaddafi regime is indefensible for its despotism, corruption, concentration of personal power and cruel repression.

It is indefensible in spite of its initial merits in terms of the nationalization of oil production, the expulsion of British military bases, support of libratory and revolutionary processes in Latin America, the Caribbean and the world, solidarity specifically in African and Arab causes, and initial domestic policy decisions.

That process, known as the “Green Revolution,” degenerated into an abhorrent personal power plagued with nepotism, tribal privileges and a cult of personality. Even the anti-imperialism professed by Kaddafi evaporated when he joined years ago with the United States and the European Union. With that, he abandoned his radical stance and aligned himself with the capitalist powers in detriment of solidarity with the Arab and Palestine causes, and also strengthening economic and political ties with Italy.

Throughout the years, the Kaddafi regime incited much internal discontent, most of all in the tribes facing discrimination and in the democratic sectors of Libya. This discontent was stimulated by the effects of the popular uprisings seen recently in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and other countries in the Middle East, which were independent of and had greater effect than the infiltration and destabilization efforts always present from Israel, the US and other imperialist powers.

In this context, it is absolutely unacceptable to allow a military intervention by the US and NATO, who look to take advantage of the crisis and massacres unleashed by the Libyan regime to take hold of oil and strategic mineral deposits in the country and make up geopolitically for the defeat of its allies Ben Ali (Tunisia) and Mubarak (Egypt).

Furthermore, neither the US nor the European Union – responsible for recent genocides in Africa, the former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan – have any moral authority to denounce repression and despotism in order to intervene militarily.

It must be up to the Libyan people to define their future in the struggle for democracy and social justice with self-determination, with no sinister interventions from imperial powers.

February 27, 2011. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.



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