Iraq war vet denounces ‘the billionaires who send us to war’

A few days ago I was forwarded this video, which made me think of the clip of Charlie Chaplin’s “Great Dictator” film posted on this site in April.

This talk, given by a US Iraq war veteran, is worth serious study. It reveals how nationalism and racism blind soldiers into believing that their enemies are the poor (brown) peoples of the world, not those who send them off to kill and die.

Here are a couple of passages from the presentation:

“Racism within the military has long been an important tool to justify the destruction and occupation of another country.”

“Poor and working people in this country are sent to kill poor and working people in another country to make the rich richer. Without racism, soldiers would realize they have more in common with the Iraqi people than they do with the billionaires who send us to war.”

Thanks to Willie Baptist for sharing this link.

Tim Shenk, Justicia Global


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